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L’Estampillerie, our shop

L'Estampillerie embodies the central house of the Estampille brand, located on the wine route in Ardèche.

It is a multifunctional place where the magic of upcycled natural cosmetics operates. Within these walls, Estampille products come to life, carefully made from organic harvest residue, demonstrating our brand’s commitment to sustainability. The store offers visitors a window into the manufacturing laboratory, thereby reinforcing confidence in the quality of our products.

In addition, the Estampillerie houses a sales area where customers can participate in creative workshops to make their own cosmetics and explore the aromas of wine. The Estampillerie, at the crossroads of nature, science and art, embodies the soul of Estampille, offering an immersive experience to lovers of natural beauty and environmental preservation. This is where commitment to sustainability and creativity meet to the delight of our customers.

Visit our laboratory

We invite you to discover our laboratory in the heart of the Estampillerie, where our upcycled natural cosmetics are born.

This is a unique opportunity to closely witness the manufacturing process of our products, guaranteeing their quality and authenticity. By opening our doors to you, we want to share our commitment to sustainability and transparency, allowing you to see how we transform organic harvest residue into valuable ingredients for your skin. Join us for an educational and immersive experience, where nature, science and art come together to create exceptional cosmetics.

My cosmetics manufacturing workshop

Take part in our cosmetics manufacturing workshop and immerse yourself in creativity.

Under the guidance of our experts, you will be able to make your own natural products and discover the secrets of cosmetic craftsmanship. Join us for an enriching and fun experience where you can personalize your beauty routine in a unique way.

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Estampille Cosmétiques Naturels Upcyclés

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