Estampille Cosmétiques Naturels Upcyclés
Who are we ?

Stamped by the Ardèche terroir

Based in Ardèche, Estampille is reinventing our relationship with cosmetics by upcycling and recovering raw materials initially intended to be thrown away.

Eloïse – Co-founder of Estampille

Our history

We are Lydie & Eloïse, the founding pair of Estampille

It all started when we met, at the start of our studies. Lydie followed a course in plant biology. Me, from a business school. Two routes that are both different but also complementary.

Sensitive to the environment and committed to eco-responsibility, we were marked by the quantities lost during the transformation of grapes into wine. Faced with this waste of materials rich in active ingredients, the idea arose of reusing materials intended to be thrown away to create something new. At the end of 2020, we decided to link our common center of interest, cosmetics, to our anti-waste mission. Estampille was born.

Estampille is above all a commitment: to offer quality natural cosmetics, showcasing French know-how by sublimating its residue.

The art of transformation

We gather remnants of natural ingredients and transform them into your next favorite beauty product.

To put an end to waste, Estampille gives a second life to a natural resource rather than throwing it away. We started with what was at hand: the vine. But our R&D is already developing the range with the producers around us: flowers, fruits… Ardèche is rich.

Good for the environment, good for you

Our products are good for the environment, they preserve natural resources by revaluing what already exists.

Our products are good for you, by recycling co-products from the food industry, we provide you with their cosmetic benefits.

Local manufacturing in the heart of Ardèche

Proud to be from Ardèche, but above all proud of the sector that we are creating around us

By promoting our territory, we are committed to producing responsible upcycled cosmetics, and above all to collecting all products used within 2 hours of our laboratory.

Today located in Ardèche, the entire process of manufacturing and transformation from co-product to shipping is carried out in our laboratory.

Just as we take care to choose our partners, we also ensure that all of them respect our eco-responsible commitment charter.

Crafting Sustainable Beauty: Discover Our French Essence

Proud of our French heritage and our commitment to producing responsible upcycled cosmetics, we are dedicated to sourcing all our ingredients within a 2-hour radius of our laboratory. Today, based in the picturesque French countryside, the entire process, from co-product transformation to shipping, is carried out within our laboratory.

Our project convinced them

Since 2020, we have defended our project numerous times. Many departmental, regional or European organizations have been convinced by our vision. Through their advice and support, Estampille would like to thank them for this great adventure.

They talk about us

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Estampille Cosmétiques Naturels Upcyclés

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